Hi! Thanks for dropping by. 

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Pau Castillo, a young professional from the Philippines who always had a thing for writing. I used to write for wheninmanila.com and I spent most of my working days writing for hotel websites. Right now, I am a digital marketing specialist by profession, a writer by passion, and an aspiring brand specialist. 


Digital marketing specialist (2017-present)
Web copywriter (2015-2017)
Senior Contributor at www.wheninmanila.com (2014-2016)
Published author (2015)
Freelance writer (2015-present)
A graduate of Bachelor of Communications Major in Advertising (2015)

With that said, welcome to Pau Pursues Passion! This is an online platform of a small girl with big dreams, thriving mostly in the era of a digital age. This is where I will be sharing my pursuit of a creative lifestyle in writing, personal branding, and everything else in between. 

For collaborations and other inquiries, you may email me at paupursuespassion@gmail.com

Connect with me through social media, too!

See you around!