The Highs and Lows Of Getting To Publish a Personal Branding Class on Skillshare

personal branding 101 class on Skillshare by Pau Castillo

I've been putting this off for quite some time now because I didn't want to talk about it without the finished product up and running and now that it's finally here, I can be (somehow) proud of the outcome!

Skillshare Team Reaching Out

A few months ago, a Skillshare Teacher Support reached out to me via e-mail and asked me if I was interested to create a class under their platform. Of course, this was a little surprising knowing that there are lots of really cool people on Skillshare teaching about lots of really cool stuff. I didn't know if I had anything else significant to offer but Camisha Brown, the Skillshare Teacher Support who continued exchanging e-mails with me, urged me to still push through with a class.

Eventually, I remembered wanting to pursue a personal branding series on this blog which didn't push through anymore so I thought, maybe I can work on it again this time on a bigger platform: Skillshare! I told Camisha about it and she loved the idea but one thing stopped me from pursuing it -- I was told I had to do a video! I browsed through Skillshare's website and saw like 90% of teachers talking in front of a camera and I knew right then and there that this wasn't for me. I refused to film myself teaching a topic I am not personally much of an expert in and having to sound extremely confident about it.

I dropped the opportunity and told Camisha I might settle for being a student instead. She was nice enough to respect this decision but told me to still keep in touch should I change my mind. It was roughly just around 2 weeks after that time when I attended a few webinars and got the idea of doing screencasting.

Immediately I sent a new e-mail and asked about it. Fortunately, Skillshare allowed screencast types of video lessons! Camisha sent a few links my way to get me hyped up and that's when I knew this was an opportunity I shouldn't drop anymore.

Challenges and Almost Giving Up

The hype of starting up died down almost as soon as it sparked up. Though my class outline and class project were easily approved, the idea of having to create a presentation (I suck at those BIG TIME) and having to record myself shook me to the core. I once again postponed working on my class and focused on my jobs' deadlines instead because other than the lack of confidence in my screencasting and narrating skills, the lack of confidence in the field I wanted to teach in also ate me up. If you search about branding on Skillshare, lots of insanely good lessons already pop up so I thought, what the hell would I be doing here??? 

I missed out on my first deadline and I thought that was that. 

But guess what, it wasn't! Camisha once again e-mailed me and asked me if I think I can finish my class by end of July.


At that point, I seriously can't believe this opportunity is still up for grabs despite ignoring it for months. I already knew I needed to give this a one last serious shot.

And here we are! 

personal branding 101 class on Skillshare by Pau Castillo

It's up and running, and it's officially on its first day! I'm not sure if this crash course would actually help anyone build a personal brand but I hope, somehow, it does. 

If you're interested to check it out, you can have a look at it and sign up here! Through this link, you are entitled to a premium membership for 2 months to enjoy unlimited classes up on the platform (including mine, hopefully!) Don't worry, you can cancel your membership anytime and that's completely okay. :)

I hope to hear your thoughts and inputs about this class. I'm excited and nervous at the same time, to be honest. 

I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts!


Let me know what you think about this!