Allowing Yourself To Find New Passions Is Okay

Ever felt the crippling sensation of encountering something that once fueled you and gave you life, but is now just another mundane thing that exists? That's exactly how I feel when I pass by bookstores and see those books on shelves. A few years ago, I wanted nothing than having my work on those shelves, too.

For years, I believed that writing is my OTP -- my one true passion that would fuel me for the rest of my life. I believed I would always be in love with it, that one day, I will really get to that point of having my own book alongside the works of many others who aspired like me. I believed in it so much that every time I felt myself going astray, that I was actually "falling in love with something new", it gave me the feeling that I was betraying my one true passion.

I thought Pau Pursues Passion would be a blog about writing tips or journaling tips or many other tips about some things that give me life but I realized that having to rely on those will actually kill this blog... if it hadn't already.

I felt crippled and lost because I know I can't spurt out content and keep this blog alive if I don't pursue my own passions. It's super ironic because I wanted this blog to be about being able to pursue passions despite the realities of life but like... I can't even do it??? Wow, it's a hell lot harder than I thought it would be and one of things that contributed to the lack of enthusiasm to keep this blog running is the fact that I no longer knew what my passion was. Well, I do, but the denial is real. I've always told myself I am a creative soul. My hopes were high in inspiring other young professionals to continue pursuing their creative lifestyle despite having to thrive in the real world but hell... I realized that who I intended to be is different from who people see in me. I want to be this and that but they see another this and that in me. Funny, huh?

A few months ago, the team at Skillshare saw potential in me to teach any marketing-related course in their platform. In line with this, just recently, a former classmate in the writing workshop I attended years ago messaged me to help her rebrand her blog. It made me think that who I forced myself to be is just for the sake of it, for the sake of not abandoning the familiarity of the comfort zone. I was hesitant to admit to myself that maybe, just maybe, there's already something new that's fueling me up. It took others to see it first before I welcomed the change with open arms.

I've always thought writing gave me power. It did, and for what it's worth it still does, but accepting the fact that I want to pursue something new is liberating.

Writing will always be a part of me and the fact that I've hit the 500-word-count by now shows that but I've also come to terms with the idea that pursuing bits and pieces of marketing (digital marketing + branding / brand management) also fuels me.

So if you're starting to have sparks for something entirely new that goes beyond what you're accustomed to, fuel it up and let it ignite! You never know how much you and/or other people would benefit from your new light.

On a parting note, always remember this beautiful description of passion I saw online:


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