#PauPursuesPassion Goes On For Another Year

Hey, everyone!

Just a few days ago, I renewed this blog to run for another year. I'm not entirely sure why, at the moment, but somehow it still feels right to continue this. The plans for this blog is not yet definite, but I'll try to come up with quality content despite everything -- lack of motivation, mostly. I guess that's part of the journey, huh? Pursuing passions isn't an easy journey.

Around a month ago, I wrote about being insanely demotivated. That post was probably one of my rawest one on this blog in which I became fully transparent about how I thought. I wrote that bit at the very moment the doubts were attacking. I didn't know if this whole blogging thing is really for me despite the efforts already put into it -- I'll get back to this some other time, probably -- because the blogging industry in the Philippines is not exactly kind if you don't fit  a certain criteria including being fashionable or being able to travel a hell lot. I guess I ended up comparing myself with those well-established individuals and knew I'll never be like that, but hey, maybe I'd get to be someone else entirely and continue pursuing passions so that this blog or my writing can be the reason why someone didn't give up or ended their self-comparison with the local "social media influencers"

... Again, that topic should be for another article entirely.


I'm typing without thinking again so I'm probably blabbering on and on too much, but for now, I'll end this simple update by putting one note-to-self out there:

Pau, you have another year to make things happen on Pau Pursues Passion. Make it count. 

I admit, I've lost the enthusiasm I once had but despite and in spite of, I'm not giving up. Not just yet. 

Until then, let's continue pursuing great things with all its ups and downs. 

PS: Tom Kuegler on Medium writes about the realities of being a writer and a blogger. His posts are probably the realest out there because he fearlessly speaks about what it's really about -- no, it's not about the glam and the free stuff. It's about writing and being influential in a non-materialistic sense. My blabbbers don't make a lot of sense most of the time, but his does. If you're a struggling writer/blogger like me, go have a look at his Medium page)

Still creating,


Let me know what you think about this!