Floating My Worries Away: A Personal Narration of Float Therapy Benefits Right After My First Session

Recovery Spa Ortigas, The Upper Deck

I'm not even going to deny that April ended up becoming the most stressful month of the year. Towards the end of March, my laptop died down on me (hence the absence!) I had tons of reports to work on, an actual consultative reporting to prepare for, and endless articles to write -- all while juggling to make ends meet between using an old device and the laptop I use in the office. It was crazy, you know, like it was one of those moments when I wanted to simply sleep everything off and hope that when I wake up, all of these worries are gone.

Thankfully, there was a way to do just that!

Well... the deadlines are still there, my to-do list is still endless, but hey, I felt them all slip away, at least, for an hour.

The pod | float therapy Manila at Recovery Spa

A few weeks ago, I tried the float therapy at Recovery Spa Ortigas. You can choose either 60 minutes or 90 minutes for this and in my case, I chose the 60-minute one for my first try because, to be honest, I was a little apprehensive. Floatation therapy is often synonymous to "sensory deprivation" and "experiencing nothingness" so I thought the 60 minutes would be so damn long. In fact, I found it hard to believe that some would actually choose 90 minutes for this!

Before starting the therapy, I was quickly briefed about some simple protocols. This included taking a full shower using Recovery Spa's own unscented and organic soap, shampoo, and conditioner. I was also told to be cautious and careful with the water inside as it can sting the eyes (kinda like what saltwater does) but there's no need to worry because just right outside the pod is a spray of clean tap water to freshen up the face or the eye area in case of such instances.

Once inside, you will float. Regardless of what you do, regardless of how you move, you will float effortlessly enabled by the 18 sacks of epsom salt mixed in the water.

This is the point where the experience becomes different from person to person but for me, the only thing I did was to let go. 

Inside the pod | Float Therapy | Recovery Spa The Upper Deck

I floated, literally, and allowed my mind to wander to where it wants to wander. I didn't expect anything. I didn't count the seconds. Instead, I closed the lights inside the pod which the scaredy cat in me didn't want to do at first. I wouldn't know about you guys, but to me, I ended up yearning for that "total nothingness." I ended up craving for that peace without actually anticipating for it.

I didn't exactly know at what point it happened. I just knew that as the therapy went on, I somehow knew I was awake but everything else in my body -- especially my mind -- was asleep. The soft spa music seemed like it hummed from a great distance though I knew it was just right at the other side of the door. I was awake for sure because my body felt like it. The feeling of the water touching my skin was so evident that I knew for a fact that I wasn't literally sleeping, but my mind drifted off so far away that, for more than half of the time, I was in a thoughtless state. Believe me, it felt so good. I badly wanted to stay in that state, I almost ignored the indication of when my time was up. I needed more of that feeling -- the feeling of being thoughtless and worry-less, like nothing absolutely mattered.

Right after the float therapy, I took a quick shower to rinse off the epsom salt on my skin before having my 60-minute Swedish massage. I personally think the float therapy is enough but to maximize the experience, the massage goes very well with it.

Overall, my first float therapy at Recovery Spa at The Upper Deck gave an extraordinary hour of feeling a kind of calm I've never ever felt before. I was told it was rare to feel that at the first session so when I was asked what I did, I simply said, "I let go."

So if I were you, if you're planning to try out The Pod float therapy at Recovery Spa, let it all go. Charge it to experience and allow yourself to float away. You may have your expectations and fears before entering, but really, you'd end that first session wanting more -- so, so much more.

I knew I did.


Recovery Spa is located at The Upper Deck, Pasig City. Head over to their Facebook Page for more information or contact 942-4585 local 107 for reservations.


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