Number 1 Barbecues in SM East Ortigas Deserves Your Attention

Restaurant Review - Number 1 Barbecues, SM East Ortigas - Pau Pursues Passion

I don't usually do restaurant reviews because describing food is not my strength, but when I do, the overall dining experience was definitely superb for me. Needless to say, Number 1 Barbecues gave me one of those rare urges of wanting to make a restaurant review.

I've passed by Number 1 Barbecues more than a couple of times in the past but for someone who doesn't usually try out new restaurants, I usually chose KFC or Mc Donald's over it. These bigger and more well-known chains are just right across, after all; but after last Saturday night's dinner at Number 1 Barbecues, I don't think I'll be dining in any other restaurant in SM East Ortigas for quite a while.

Here are my reasons why:

1. The price is right.

Restaurant Review - Number 1 Barbecues, SM East Ortigas - Shrimp Tempura

5 pcs tempura for only PHP 149 (+10 for a glass of iced tea)??? Insaaane! I honestly thought it's a little bit odd at first which is why I ordered the 2 pcs barbecue meal but when I took a bite from my sister's tempura, regrets sunk in. Shrimp tempura is my absolute favorite and Number 1 Barbecues' recipe is soooo good. As I type this, it's Tuesday night. We dined last Saturday night. I'm still craving right now.

Restaurant Review - Number 1 Barbecues, SM East Ortigas - 2 pcs Barbecue

Next to shrimp tempura, I ab9solutely love grilled dishes too and I'm glad their barbecues did not disappoint at all. At PHP 99, this is so sulit (right for the price) already.

Please refer to the menu below for their other cuisines:

Number 1 Barbecues, SM East Ortigas - menu

Number 1 Barbecues, SM East Ortigas - menu

Not even ashamed to tell you guys that I might actually end up trying everything here. Now I know where to bring my friends, family, and Marvin (my boyfriend) for lunch or dinner in SM East Ortigas. If you're looking for an alternative to the typical fast food chains yet just as affordable, please, by all means, check out Number 1 Barbecues.

2. The staff are courteous and fun.

Restaurant Review - Number 1 Barbecues, SM East Ortigas - staff

The story behind the photo above:

Me: *takes photos just in case I'd want to write about the restaurant* (which I actually ended up doing)
Them: O, tara! Picture! Sali tayo! (Look, she's taking pictures! Let's join!)

Other than this, I noticed how hyped up they are when they serve or welcome customers. When one shouts, "Welcome to Number 1!" the others either echo "Number 1" or go off saying "Number 2! Number 3! Number 4!" and so on. I'm not so sure if they're just naturally fun like that or it's part of the brand's core values, but either way, this is a unique aspect for a restaurant of its type and I love it!

Speaking of the brand, I absolutely love the clever "Number 1 Barbecues" name. I mean, think about it. When you say "(restaurant name) in SM East Ortigas", it's gonna be "Number 1 Barbecues in SM East Ortigas". Makes sense, right? Kudos to the marketing team / owners for that!

Restaurant Review - Number 1 Barbecues, SM East Ortigas - staff

To top it all, I love the hygienic precautions they have as well as the fast service. We got our orders in 10 minutes tops! Of course, this does not compromise quality. Our orders were still delicious. (I'm still craving for that tempura!)

3. The interiors are vibrant, posh, and clean.

Restaurant Review - Number 1 Barbecues, SM East Ortigas - interiors

I don't know how they do it or what kind of sorcery they have here, but for some reasons, even if the restaurant had lots of people, there always seems to be a free table. Number 1 Barbecues is spacious enough so that even during dinner rush on a Saturday night, everything is still spic and span, plus everyone has ample space. I also like the chic interiors. It's, again, something unique for a restaurant of its kind.

Overall verdict:

Dining experience: 5/5

I think I've reiterated enough how much I loved their food and how, days later, I'm still craving for it. If you're around the area or live somewhere in the East side, please do yourself a favor and give Number 1 Barbecues a try when you find yourself at SM East Ortigas. It won't disappoint! As you can see from the menu, they have a wide array of dishes. I'm not in the proper place to give a recommendation just yet, but for starters, their shrimp tempura and barbecue would be a good choice.

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Number 1 Barbecues

SM City East Ortigas
Ortigas Avenue Extension, Pasig, Metro Manila

Contact number: (02) 632 1459


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