Spending my Birthday at Treasure Mountain in Tanay, Rizal

Around a week ago, I celebrated my 24th birthday by visiting Treasure Mountain in Tanay, Rizal. We went there not exactly knowing what to expect yet we left with our hearts fulfilled, already excited for the next visit. Here's a round-up of my chill birthday celebration up in the mountains, just an hour away from home.

Yassss birthday celebration with the love! Considering that it was a weekday, we knew heading out to the cities would be such a pain. So, we utilized living in Rizal and took advantage of an on-the-rise tourist destination, Treasure Mountain. We were there in just an hour and a half! My daily commute takes longer. Lol.

Upon arriving, you may opt to park your vehicles and take a tricycle up to the main entrance or if your vehicle is durable enough for slightly rough roads (and if weather permits), then you make take it all the way up to main gate! I suggest you take the tricycle instead. It makes things a lot less of a hassle and it's gonna do your cars a favor. 

What was waiting for us at Treasure Mountain was this spectacular view:

Treasure Mountain view in Tanay Rizal

Though the famous sea of clouds didn't form during our visit, we were still beyond thankful for seeing such a breathtaking sight. This shot was taken at around 2:00pm on a drizzly Tuesday. We didn't do much at Treasure Mountain. We simply enjoyed the peace and quiet of the cold place away from the drowning noise of the city. It was such a beautiful birthday celebration.

Of course, it was my love, Marvin, who made the entire experience even more special. Being in a marvelous place with your other half on your special day tops it all.

PS: the convenience of not needing to hike gave us the chance to dress up for photos. Lol!

Here are a few extras from our trip:

Doggos! These cuties are Blacky and Princess and they freely roam around the area. They're super friendly and playful! If you have something dangling around (in my case, it was my scarf and the strings of my jacket), they'll most likely chase it. Not that I mind, though. These doggos are nice.

More photos!

I loved every beautiful photo we took here. With nature's beauty as our background, all our shots looked amazing despite the gloomy weather and slightly poor lighting. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Again, the convenience of having a tricycle service gave us the opportunity to dress up. The jacket did not suffice, though. As someone who's easily cold, I needed more layers just for a 21°C temperature. The scarf was supposed to be for added effects only, but it helped in keeping me warm.

I am particularly proud of this shot above. Lookin' good, my love!

I've been saying it over and over, but to summarize, Treasure Mountain is a breathtaking place and it was the best decision to celebrate my 24th birthday here. Even if we didn't get to dine anymore or even try the kawa bath nearby, the 2 hours we spent enjoying the peace of nature was enough. We're definitely looking forward to go back and experience more!

Some useful information about Treasure Mountain:

1. Treasure Mountain is fairly new (they've only been open to the public for 3 months as of December 2017) so the path leading up to the main gate from the parking area isn't developed yet. You may opt to walk your way up or take a tricycle at PHP 50 per head.

2. Wear a pair of shoes that you're willing to get dirty. 

3. There's an entrance fee of PHP 150 (as of December 2017). 

4. The caretakers told us that the sea of clouds usually form when the weather is good and the winds aren't too strong. It usually happens early in the morning, around 8:00am at most.

5. You can still enjoy Treasure Mountain even without the sea of clouds. The vast greens are also beautiful to see.

6. Day tour is from 4:00am-3:00pm. You can also stay for the night as they also offer tent rentals. You can pitch your own tent, too! 

7. Mobile signal strength is pretty okay. Though it's fun to do quick updates like Snapchat or Instagram stories, take some time to disconnect and enjoy the peace instead. We don't get to do that often anymore in this digital age. 


That's about it! Tell me about your own experience if you've already visited!


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