The Right Love Changed The Way I Saw Life

I'm no expert on love. I don't have the adequate background for proper do's and don'ts, or to tell you the key indications to watch out for when you found "the one." Still, here's my two cents on love and life. Here's to this one guy who came into my life and changed a few things about how I saw it.

Needless to say it's a change I'm thankful for.

I believed in the idea of love.

Before Marvin came along, I was all about career. I've had my own fair share of failed feelings prior to it which turned me into an Elsa (the cold never bothered me anywaaaay) so I decided to shift my focus on myself and my growth. Nothing else mattered. At the time, I was frighteningly confident I can eventually face the future on my own. The me of the "before days" (a.k.a. those days when relationships and falling in love was non-existent) was a strong, independent woman who need no man, but when the right guy entered my life, slowly, my way of thinking changed. Heart of stone slowly melted and I believed in the idea of love, the idea of having a family someday, and a life partner to whom I will share the future's ups and downs.

I believed in the idea of  understanding and happy days.

Just like any other relationship (and basically everything else in life), the start was perhaps the roughest part of the entire still-on-going journey. Our personalities clashed, our way of thinking went against each other, we were two individuals throwing our own worldviews here and there. At some point, he and I would've left. We could have chosen to say, "oh, this is a difficult person. Okay, next!" but the right love taught me to hold on. There was something about Marvin, something about him as a guy and us as a couple, that drew me to believe that there are and there will be happy days. Had we not striven to get past dark days, perhaps we wouldn't be here now. Love is more than just a feeling - it is a choice between two individuals and consistent efforts to keep the ball rolling. Back then, I would have thought differently. I would have thought, "if we clash, I wouldn't waste my time anymore. I don't need people like that." Now, there's just an understanding that we all have those days -- days that we aren't our best, days when we seem to be so unlovable. We aren't perfect beings, so let's not expect our partners to be perfect for us, too.

Note: the right will love will love you even on those days and the right love will make you love your person despite those days.

I believe in him.

I've read a quote somewhere (Pinterest, I think?) that the right love wouldn't give you butterflies in your stomach. It wouldn't make your heart beat out of your chest. Instead, it will make you feel safe. It will make you feel a certain calm and warmth inside, and this is precisely what I felt when Marvin and I first started out. Though I must admit, the butterflies in the stomach part (a.k.a. kilig in Filipino) came afterwards. Those small flutters come on the times he makes me smile, whether it is out of conscious effort or not. It comes on those days when he just looks so good despite his countless disagreements. It comes on those unexpected moments when he's just too sweet for my emotions to handle properly.  The past me wouldn't believe in entrusting myself to someone else. Not anymore, after a bunch of let-downs. The past me would have preferred to rely only on myself, my family, and a very few close friends. Nothing more, nothing less. But now, when the right love came in the form of this guy called Marvin De Jesus, I slowly but surely changed the way I handled things. I believed in him, and I still believe in him. I believe he can make us soar, I believe he can make a future for the both of us, and I will continuously believe the right love he gave me will always empower us both.


I'm not entirely sure if you've reached this point of this personal post, but if you did, I hope you've picked out a lesson or two. :)


Let me know what you think about this!