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Ramen Nagi at The Podium

I've been craving for ramen for about a month now but I kept on hesitating to eat in a ramen house because, let's face it, ramen's not exactly a cheap indulgence. The boyfriend, Marvin, witnessed this as I had countless times whined about wanting to eat in a Japanese restaurant for ramen but every single time we chance upon one, I'd opt for another restaurant instead.

Thankfully, my mom introduced me to this app which finally ended that month-long craving.

Get as much as 50% off with the Eatigo App

 Eatigo app is a life saver and I don't understand why not a lot of people (not the ones I know, at least) know about this technological blessing. I no longer care if you'd finish this blog post or not, but I hope the photo above is enough to make you want to download your instant every day coupon.

Eatigo Philippines

Eatigo Philippines has lots of restaurants to choose from. In fact, they even offer promos for hotel buffets! On the app, simply choose a category / restaurant and then input the date, number of people, and selected time slot. Usually, the afternoon hours and closing hours offer 50% off but you can get at least 10% off at any time of the day. I think all partner restaurants only allot a few tables for Eatigo so it's best to book your choice as soon as possible. Yes, it's that easy! Afterward, you'll just be required to key in your details and confirm your reservation. Hello, instant discount!

Ramen Nagi Butao

Happy tummies indeed for me and my family as we enjoyed Ramen Nagi's signature Butao ramens at 50% off. Cravings satisfied, indeed! Thanks, Eatigo!

Disclaimer: This post is for the sole purpose of letting you guys know about this app that guarantees instant discounts. I am in no way affiliated with Eatigo App / Eatigo Philippines. Thanks!

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