Rediscovering Manila's Beauty Through Swagman Hotel Manila

Somewhere along the crazy 2-year journey of writing for hotel websites, the familiar feeling of coming home to my very first "baby" ignited a sense of being welcomed back to a place of comfort. Swagman Hotel Manila holds a very special place in my heart because it marked the start of a beautiful friendship. Okay, drama aside, let me share to you some of the reasons why Swagman Hotel Manila deserves your visit at least once at some point.

The location of Swagman Hotel Manila is beneficial for leisure and other official businesses

If you've got an early appointment for your future travel plans and you're looking for a hotel near US embassy, then look no further than Swagman. It's just a 3-minute walk away which means you wouldn't have to worry about waking up too early and panicking out on the road just in case traffic eats up a lot of your travel time.

Other than this, Swagman Hotel can be your safe haven after a long day of exploring Manila. Just a walking distance from the hotel is Rizal Park / Luneta Park and a bunch of other Manila tourist spots. Here's a quick rundown of our 2017 stay at Swagman which got me to experience something I've always taken for granted: the glory of our country's capital city.

luneta park, manila philippines
Luneta Park in Metro Manila, Philippines (boohoo, photobomber)
If you're Filipino, Luneta Park or Rizal Park in Metro Manila is a part of your childhood. Aside from being the immediate destination of countless of field trips, Luneta is also an immediate weekend destination. I've used to take it for granted as I grew up. Other than its historical significance (which I will no longer expound on here), I guess it was just another tourist spot in Manila for me.

This time around, a little older and wiser, I'm thankful I got to walk its paths again.

Sundays at Luneta Park, Philippines

During the time of our visit, the park was full of families celebrating a nice Father's Day afternoon. All around the place you can see a few individuals trying to make a living out of it, like selling mats (which, to me, looked like reflectors perfect for selfies / simple photo-ops. Lol) or small toys for children. On the sides, there are a few snack bars, too. We had some chips and hotdog sandwiches before proceeding with our mini Manila tour.

Ped Xing along Manila
Manila sunset

They say sunsets in the Philippines vary and each version has its own unique character. Usually, Philippine sunset photos involve beaches or mountain views, or perhaps tall buildings in business districts like Makati or Bonifacio Global City. I kinda like this shot (above), showing simplicity on a typical afternoon for Filipinos in Manila.

Once the sun's out of sight but its glow still paints the almost-night sky, head off to Harbor Square right across the Cultural Center of the Philippines. There are a bunch of dining options at Harbor Square and you'll get to have this view. I think it's a pretty nice place to have coffee while chit-chatting with friends, colleagues, or family. If I only lived nearby, I would have loved to spend weekend nights here.

Swagman Hotel Manila along Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Swagman Hotel Manila's 2nd floor
Thankfully, that's where Swagman Hotel Manila comes in. This Manila hotel gave me a city staycation of sorts that's unlike anything I've had before. When you think of having a city hotel stay, you'd think of being near malls or anything that's a bit urban and modern but here at Swagman, I've had a rediscovery of sorts. I truly enjoyed exploring a bit of Manila throughout our time there and I loved how comfortable the rooms felt. I felt very much at ease and at home.

Deluxe Room at Swagman Hotel Manila
(photo from website)
Managed by The Oriental Hotels and Resorts, Swagman Hotel Manila has rooms that give off a chic and cozy vibe to it. Each one holds the identity of all hotels and resorts the Oriental group handles, plus the rooms come with all the necessities for a convenient stay including cable TV, mini bar, and Wi-Fi internet access. You may also request for massage services in the comforts of your own room.

Being first and foremost an Australian brand, Swagman offers Australia's favorite cuisines but we've heard their foreign guests absolutely loved the Filipino food selection. My personal favorite would be the tinapa rolls but their caldereta is also a must-try.

All in all, though Swagman Hotel Manila is not an immediate choice for a weekend family staycation, the hotel is still absolutely lovable in its own ways. The food is definitely something you should try out if ever you find yourself in Ermita Manila, and if you're looking for a new type of adventure in the city, explore the wonders of The Philippines' capital city with the help of Swagman Hotel Manila.

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