I'll Always Look Forward to Staying At The Oriental Legazpi Because Of These Reasons

This year, I visited The Oriental Legazpi for the second time yet it's just as magical as my first. Ultimately, my most favorite asset of this hotel is its unparalleled view of Mayon Volcano, but there are other reasons why a stay at The Oriental Legazpi is something I'll always look forward to.

6. Undoubtedly, they have the BEST infinity pool in Legazpi

Swimming and sightseeing at the same time? This is an old photo from last year's trip because I didn't get to take a decent shot on this year's trip, but it's as timeless as ever. I've been seeing lots of travel shots in this pool and it's not rocket science to understand why. This spot is perhaps the most beautiful one in the hotel! 

5. They've got some of the friendliest people

(disclaimer: this shot was taken for a shoot The Oriental Legazpi was doing then)

It's a common trait across the properties of The Oriental Hotels and Resorts to have highly accommodating staff and it's always a pleasure to see their smiles throughout the stay. One particular thing that sets them apart from other hotel personnel is the signature Oriental Dance. The past performer in me itches to learn the dance and join them. Lol! Their consistent jolly and perky attitude made me feel at welcomed and taken care of, despite being miles and miles away from home.

4. Business and leisure blend with ease

Our 3-day-2-night stay this year (and last year) was a business trip but it didn't feel like one. Their coffee and pastries are the perfect pairs for mornings (and nights!) which needed be spent in front of laptops. On the plus side, you get this view while working:

I wouldn't mind having early work mornings if the majestic Mayon is right in front of me. I mean, look at that beauty!

Also, speaking of pastries, The Oriental Legazpi's ensaymada is probably the best I've ever had! The first bite immediately had me falling in love with the treat.

Look at that. Just look at that. It's oozing cheesy goodness, moist and hot, is a not-to-miss mouthwatering treat when you find yourself in Legazpi, Albay. You know how local hotel brands have this thing about ensaymadas? Sorry to say, but I've found the one. 

3. The interiors at this hotel in Legazpi are all photo-worthy

The photo above is the soon-to-open outdoor spa at The Oriental Legazpi. Staying true to its name, the property features a bunch of Asian fixtures here and there (The Oriental Luxury Suites in Tagaytay has these, too!) which add up to the entire look and feel of the place. 

One of the fairly new things at The Oriental Legazpi is their new initiative to have the breakfast outdoors. I personally think it won't work in the coming days since it's still fairly hot in the mornings here (fortunately they transferred it back indoors on our 2nd and 3rd morning. Whew!) but on the "Ber" months, I'm sure breakfasts here will be such a lovely experience. Imagine the cool breeze of the early morning caressing your skin gently as you sip on hot coffee while gazing at the scenery just across. Isn't it inviting?

Oh, and they serve yummy breakfast food, too!

What I love about this Legazpi hotel is their immediate "wow!" factor right upon entering. I'm not entirely sure where the inspiration for this came from, but honestly, it looks a lot like a mini Marina Bay Sands inside. The shot above was taken from the 2nd floor overlooking the lobby area. 

2. The places nearby will make any stay even more worthwhile

We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights in Legazpi, Albay but local blogger Renato Jao a.k.a. Bicolano Man recommended that anyone visiting Albay should stay for a minimum of 4 or 5 days. On our second and last full day, we explored must-visit places nearby including the Sto. Domingo Church (photo above) and the Mayon Skyline. The latter one made me fall in love with the province even more.

On the way to Mayon Skyline, we passed by this stretch of road that gave us the perfect view of Mayon. It was so lovely, we had to ask our driver to set the van aside so that we can take a photo. This photo doesn't do much justice, but I hope it gives you an idea!

So... tada! I used my Canon EOS M3's kit lens set at 55mm for this shot and here, you can see closely how Mayon's cone looks like. I've been hearing lots of comments about how Mayon's tip is no longer perfect, but as I stood there at the closest point I've ever been, I can see its marvelous beauty despite the imperfection. She's a woman, after all -- a natural wonder, an effortless marvel, a beautiful disaster.

Here's how it looks like using my 22mm prime lens:

The Mayon Skyline is a wonderful place to spend a cool afternoon. I guess it's best to go here when the sun's about to set so that it wouldn't be too hot and you'd even get to enjoy another view:

I would've loved to spend hours here. I would've loved to stay in one of those small hut things with a notebook or my laptop and enjoy an hour or so of personal writing sessions and solitude. Regardless of purpose, the Mayon Skyline is enjoyable and suitable for all ages. 

Busay Falls in Malilipot, Albay (redundant, because "busay" is "falls" in the local dialect) is another nearby attraction. According to Bicolano Man Renato Jao, this place has "7 stages" which adventurists can explore. For an inexperienced one like me, I think I can settle for the first stage (photo above).

I'm pretty sure there are are other cool places to visit but due to our limited time, we weren't able to visit much. I guess this is why Bikolano Man Renato Jao suggested we should stay for a minimum of 4 or 5 days!

As for dining options nearby, we've also visited some. 

Martha's Kitchen in Tabaco City, Albay is pretty cool because it takes lutong bahay (home-cooked meals) to another level. The very restaurant is an actual house! I love the warm feel to it. 

DJC's Halo-Halo is another must-try and the great thing is, it's just around a 5-minute drive away from the hotel! Apparently, it's the most famous halo-halo in the region. It just so happens it's super near The Oriental Legazpi, perfect for the foodies who wouldn't want to miss out on what the locals consider as one of their best.


The Oriental Legazpi's got great cuisines, too! My personal favorite would have to be their grilled chicken and chicken inasal. 

1. I'll always look forward to having a home in Legazpi

This was my second trip in Legazpi and my second stay at The Oriental Legazpi in Albay. On both stays back in 2016 and now, we had this as our home for 3 days and 2 nights. Still, I'm looking forward to the third trip, and the fourth, and so on, because I am assured that this hotel will give us again its warmest welcome, with an additional treat of having such a beautiful view of Mayon. I'm pretty sure my succeeding Legazpi trips and The Oriental Legazpi stays will be just as magical as the first. 


What are your other recommendations when in Legazpi? :)

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