2017's First Quarter Recap

Can you believe it? 2017's already 1/4 done! I don't know about you guys but to me, it's like only a month or two has passed. The first four months of 2017 was crazy on my end so here's a post telling you guys about it.

2017's first quarter was all about exploring new things and pursuing passions. I've mentioned on a couple of past posts that a huge part of me died last year which I really don't want to happen anymore this year, hence the passion projects I had been doing. Initially, the focus of the year was learning about watercolor and journaling plus continuing my novel but eventually, I had to let go of watercoloring. Now, I've pretty much narrowed things down to journaling, blogging, pursuing my life mission with Paw Movement, and hopefully still be able to squeeze in my novel.

Successes so far:

  • Started out with creative journaling and enjoying the process
  • Relaunching this blog from Why Pau Writes to Pau Pursues Passion for a better branding branding and purpose 
  • Kickstarting Paw Movement with the boyfriend
I'm not so sure if these are considered huge successes but to me, these mean a whole lot. It means that even things at work can get pretty hectic and draining once in a while, I've done something to pursue personal things.

Moving forward, what are we looking forward to?  

  • Work: I'm shifting! It's crazy to shift from copywriter to SEO specialist but I'm excited about the new experience and new knowledge.
  • Relationships: I'm looking forward to great days of deeper understanding and more love.
  • Passion Projects: I want to be more serious about this blog, about Paw Movement, and of course, my novel. These three are my guiding paths for 2017. Now that I'm shifting to SEO, I'm hoping to have more time (more brain power, rather) to work on my writing projects which I can't seem to do, having a writing job as my day job.
That's pretty much about the end of 2017's first quarter and what I'm looking forward to in the coming days! How are you polishing the remaining months of the year? 

Keep creating,


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