Our HelpMASDogs Visit at the Mandaluyong Animal Shelter (for Paw Movement)

Just a few clarification of terms before we get to the actual narrating. HelpMASDogs (Help Mandaluyong Animal Shelter Dogs) refers to the group of volunteers (spearheaded by Ms. Li) who help the dogs and the shelter while MAS refers to the actual location: Mandaluyong Animal Shelter. It seems to be a common misconception so let me clarify that before we proceed. :)

I wrote an article for HelpMASDogs for wheninmanila.com late last year and I was so glad to know that the small act got them more volunteers and donations. The article was posted around September 2016, if I'm not mistaken, and fast forward to March 2017, I decided to help out further.

Let me introduce to you a new project, Paw Movement! (No official logo yet)

(A photo with Mendel, one of the adoptables who also got to perform and win in a dog show)

Paw Movement is a project to help aimless paws move towards a better future. It started off as a Theology requirement back in third year college wherein we had to present our life mission. For some reason, I took it beyond a mere classroom report. I wanted my life mission to be something that I can actually do, something that I can really  put my mind and heart into it. A lot of my blockmates then gave cliche answers mostly dealing with the poor, but to me, I wanted to give attention to those who don't get much of it.

Our homeless stray dogs. 

(Ms. Li of HelpMASDogs with Mendel)

Towards the end of March 2017, I had this sudden gust of productivity and I just wanted to breathe life into countless ideas I left hanging through the years. One of it is that certain Theology report, hence the birth of Paw Movement. My Theology report was ideally about having a dog shelter of my own someday and since it's something I can't do just yet, I decided to help out a shelter instead. Right now, the beneficiary of this project's efforts is HelpMASDogs and the dogs they have under their wing. Thank you so much, Ms. Li, for having us! Paw Movement will now provide them necessary campaigns to primarily educate others about responsible pet ownership and, of course, find homes for the lovely adoptables at MAS. 

(Adoptable, Blessing, posing with the bae, Marvin)

Paw Movement used to be a solo mission; a solo goal, which I wanted to pursue. But now that my boyfriend's here, I'm just so happy and blessed that he is as passionate about this as I am. It's really cool because I have almost 0 talent when it comes to graphics which is his forte, so with our tandem, I'm pretty sure we can do great things for HelpMASDogs and their adoptables. I will be handling nearly all the back end side with the research and campaign proposals while Marvin will mostly be working on making everything look nice. Together, we will also be visiting the shelter every now and then to get better insights, to help out further, and of course, to see the doggies again! 

During our visit last April 9, we got to have a quick tour of the facility with Ms. Li. We also had the privilege to walk some of their gorgeous adoptables who, up to now, are still waiting for their forever homes. Let me introduce you to some of them:

This is Blessing. Her coat makes her look extra fabulous!

This is Beige. She's a granny, but she still loves giving out kisses. Oh, and she's a show champion, too!

This is Mendel. After a slight wardrobe malfunction during a show, he ended up becoming shy. Still, he warms up to you pretty easily and his smile is gorgeous!

(We also got to walk this dog named Oscar, but he thinks taking a walk is too overrated. He ended up going back to his home cage just after a few minutes)


It was my first time to ever visit a shelter. Well, correction, a pound, actually. A pound in which a group of passionate individuals volunteer their time and efforts to care for the dogs residing there. More than a couple of times my boyfriend saw me wiping my eyes after hearing the stories some dogs had to go through, plus it breaks my heart even more to know that some of them had been waiting for as long as 6 years to find a family who will truly care for them. It' heartbreaking, you know? It's unfair, because dogs don't get to live so long and it's just so sad that a lot of them don't get to have the same kind of love as those cared for by families and dedicated individuals. 

And this is why Paw Movement finally exists. This visit is just the formal way of kicking things off. Now, we're only starting with a few simple things for HelpMASDogs but it's already giving me so much hope about what we can do for the adoptables. 


You see, we had our visit on April 9, 2017. It was a Sunday. The day before that was my sister's graduation and the week preceding it was a work week. It you put your mind and heart into what you do, "I don't have the time" will definitely not be an excuse. So go out there and take that first step, too!

Keep pursuing,


Let me know what you think about this!