March 2017 Recap

I am once again nearly two weeks late in posting my previous month's recap but anyway, it's better late than never, I guess...?

March had been a crazy whirlwind of so many things in nearly all aspects of my life. There were quite a lot of downs this month but things ended up falling back in place nonetheless. Demotivation hit me hard for weeks but just as March slowly came to an end, some spark of inspiration happened hence the rebranding and relaunching of this blog. Funny, 'cause here I am, wanting to be that spark of inspiration for young creatives to keep on keeping on, but here I go yapping about demotivation. Well, I guess that's the reality of it - there are days when the dark side would win but what's important is that, after spending a few dark days, we get back up on track.

March's highlight was the rebranding of this blog and finally having a deeper purpose for it. I wanted something that went beyond writing because writing's just one of the things that make up this small girl. Well, yeah, it makes up a huge part of me, but that's not all. What about the other passion projects? What about all the other itty bitty details that define me? Where do they fall under?

So... hence, the change in URL and basically the entire component of the blog. Pau Pursues Passion. Only that, in this blog, we'll be more realistic. We pursue passions while keeping a day job, we pursue passions while battling our inner demons, and we pursue passions despite and in spite of.

That's basically it for now! Hoping for better and more productive days ahead. :)

Keep creating,


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