A History of Blogging and The Importance of Perseverance

If I could go back to 2010, I'd tell myself a few things. Along with it are a bunch of inserts about the history of my blogs. Yes, blogs. 

Let's start off with Tumblr.

I can't remember my exact Tumblr handle but I'm pretty sure cykeon was one of it. Cykeon was a default social media / blog handle way back in high school. Tumblr days were amazingly good days. Here, I found friends from all over the world who share the same interests, mostly for all things Japanese especially Nico Nico Douga, my ultimate HS obsession. Of course, my Tumblr account back then held so much. I reblogged lots of things and also posted actual blog posts. It was pretty much a mix of everything that made me, well, me, back in the day.

(the cool thing is that I still keep in touch with some of my Tumblr friends over at Twitter! It's neat because, wow, it's been 7 years)

When my Tumblr account died down, I shifted to Wordpress.

(pausmovingcastle, pauscastles, somelittlegirl)

I stayed with Wordpress for years changing from one handle to another. Mostly, my time over at Wordpress was about the stuff I read and the stuff I write. At one point, I somehow ended up having a book blog which was awesome, actually, except when there were just too much books to review and not enough time. At the time, I was entering the most crucial moments of my college days so, naturally, nearly everything beyond school died down. College was my priority then.

My book and writing blog thrived for a while but eventually, my life became more than words. Around 2014, I was accepted over at wheninmanila.com which gave me lots of "lifestyle type" opportunities that I also shared on my blog. My Wordpress became a chaotic online mess that eventually became somelittlegirl.com - a year-old blog that contained a hodge podge of topics.

And then here I am, on Blogger.

(whypauwrites, paupursuespassion)

It was late 2016 when I finally realized what I wanted to do with my blogging life. I didn't want to continue being "Pau of Wheninmanila" (though I loved my WIM fam) which made me want to pursue things on my own. But how, right? Every time I shift or try something new, I always end up starting from the very beginning, right from scratch.

Had I persevered a long time ago back when blogging wasn't too much of a thing yet, maybe, just maybe, I might have reached higher. I had been at this for roughly 7-8 years now and I'll admit, sometimes I can't help but think, "what if I did not give up back then? What if I pursued and pursued, the way I'm doing now? Would I have gotten way ahead, too?"

The Importance of Perseverance

I came to a realization that the biggest mistake I've made through the years (in terms of blogging, at least) is that I keep on starting new. I'm not satisfied with my views? Scrap off. My posting became inconsistent? Scrap off. Rebrand, relayout, rename URL (I didn't pay for domain names back then). I just keep on starting and starting but never finishing, and now I have this again. 

You might be wondering what makes Pau Pursues Passion different this time around. To be honest, I'm pretty scared this might end up like the others too, but right now as I type this, I have so much confidence in this new blog. Why? Because finally, I conceptualized and brainstormed lots of things before launching this. There's a specific purpose, a targeted audience, and now I'm actually documenting and planning things. I think that's a pretty good start compared to my previous attempts for the past years. 

Here's to hoping to pursuing greater things one sentence at a time through this blog!

Tell me about your blogging history / stories :) 

Keep creating,


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