The Oriental Luxury Suites: A Cool New Place in Tagaytay

Through my full-time work as a web copywriter for hotels and resorts, I get to go to new places and meet new people. Right now, I'm a few months away from celebrating my 2nd year in the company but ever since I got in, I've already had lots of precious experiences that made me grow in the job. One of it is handling The Oriental Hotels and Resorts. To put it simply, let's just say I'm always excited to work and write for them.

The Oriental Luxury Suites in Tagaytay is, so far, the latest property of The Oriental Hotels and Resorts. Unlike their usual big properties that can accommodate a bunch of people, this one's a little more intimate. Since it was formerly an actual house, you can imagine how exclusive a stay here can be. Trust me, it's pretty relaxing and it's such a nice break away from the city.

Though a bit different from the other properties, The Oriental Luxury Suites retained the group's iconic identity. Take a look at those oriental fixtures with leis!

Throughout the property, you can find these things. You can find wonderful Asian-themed interior designs perfect for your social media feed and that, I guess, is what makes The Oriental Luxury Suites (or any other property under the group) recognizable.

Here are some more photos and short descriptions that might hopefully spark your interest

Can you imagine relaxing here while sipping on a hot cup of coffee? Or perhaps reading a good book, journaling your thoughts, or even making art. Yes, this spot is perfect for those things and if you prefer some unwinding time of solitude, you can find it here, too. At night, this spot is magical. With the cool Tagaytay breeze and the vast view, it's pretty easy to feel at ease and fall in love with this place.

The view at The Oriental Luxury Suites 

Let me start off by saying my photos did not do justice to the real thing. The Oriental Luxury Suites was such a stunner with a view as equally beautiful, but throughout our stay there, I didn't feel like taking lots of photos. Instead, I just wanted to breathe everything in and just enjoy the moment. I don't know, the place has that effect. You'd end up just wanting to drop everything for a little while and just relax.

That nice spot I showed you above, well, here's its view. The pool is below it on the right side and there are more couches to sit on, but all of them has this scenery right in front. It's very typical for establishments in Tagaytay to boast their views of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano and though The Oriental Luxury Suites is not alongside those that have a closer view, they have a unique one that shows the greener pastures of Tagaytay and Batangas. Throughout the vastness, you can see rich, green, thick trees. It's beautiful.

See what I mean? Greens. Greens everywhere. I loved it so much. :) Oh, and there's the pool on the left side. It's an infinity pool with a gorgeous view right next to it. I heard they have plans of having it heated which is quite ideal for Tagaytay's climate. 

If you chance upon having a room at the second level, this will greet you every morning. During our stay, I woke up at 5:30am to try to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy morning for us (and I was too sleepy to wait any longer) so I took this snapshot instead.

More about this hotel in Tagaytay

The Oriental's identity still emerges in each hotel room. As you can see, the entire look and feel of it is, well, oriental. The rooms are named after places in Thailand and what's cool about it is that, on each desk, they have short descriptions of the places the room is named after. The photo above is the Chiang Rai room.

The breakfast will be a plated breakfast which you can opt to take in your room. The photo above shows a fancier version of its presentation but nonetheless, the breakfast will have a mix of Western and Filipino favorites. After all, who wouldn't want to have a hearty meal to start the day?

 (PS: the food's amazing)

The Oriental Luxury Suites is near some of Tagaytay's destinations, too. It's just a few minutes away from Twin Lakes, Antonio's, and Sonya's Garden. The website is still on the works at the moment but rest assured they're already welcoming guests and giving them a leisurely home in Tagaytay. You may visit the Facebook page for more information.

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