February 2017 Recap

January was a "Big Bang" of sorts for me. Mostly, it's a lot about the whole "new year, new me" type of thing but instead of making ridiculous goals about the betterment of my life, I focused on the arts. I explored notebooks and journals, hoarded watercolor and brushes, and took the liberty of just buying things on the spot.

On the plus side, my journaling methods significantly improved, I think. My art hoarding this month mainly involved washi tapes which is why my journal pages look a lot more colorful this time.

My calligraphy still needs a hell lot of improvement but I'm getting there! February was a lot more about narrowing things down. It took a month of impulsive-buying and exploring art here and there before it hit me: this year, I will just be focusing on my journal(s) and my novel. I'll try to squeeze learning about watercolor somehow, but that won't be my priority anymore. Or else I might end up neglecting my novel project again. 

February was a love month, too! It just so happened my boyfriend and I celebrated one of two anniversaries. Yay! Can't believe it's been a year! People who knew us from day 1 know that the start of our relationship wasn't exactly an easy one. There were a hell lot of judgments and assumptions that we wouldn't last, but here we are, stronger than ever! Shoutout to the sweetest love of my life, Marvin De Jesus. 


On an end note, February was a good month. Work went really well, I managed to keep my cool at work (despite the death of my brain cells countless times), I started working on my novel again, my journaling improved, and there were more happy days than bad ones. 

How was your February?

Keep writing,


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