A Self Reminder That It's Important to Pause Once in A While

These are the moments I have to be away from any form of online presence and be on my personal journal instead, but when I started with this blog, I promised myself I'd leave a little bit of me in it. Sure, you guys get to see some stuff about my writing, my journaling, and my traveling, but I only have but a small fraction of my soul in those posts.

Now, in this little time off, I'm going to be a tad bit more personal.

Preferring to do things on my own isn't something new to me and to anyone who really knows me. I take solace in solitude more than a couple of times and it's nice to do things alone once in a while. It is in moments of solitude that I realized the things that matter to me.

March 21, 2017

I woke up with a nice sense of peace. It was 5:00am and unusually early for me to start my day. I spent an hour alone with my thoughts then proceeded to document some of them on my personal journal. Eventually, my grandmother called me for breakfast which ended that brief moment of alone time. It's been a while since I had one of those and it felt so refreshing.

I was sick that day, but not sick as most people would think. Sick in ways I wouldn't want to elaborate any further and it ate me up physically. Still, I took advantage of the rare moment I had; the rare moment of having control over my time, over what I want to happen.

I finished my work, I managed to work on my passion projects, I even had time to watch a movie.

The day sounded fantastic, right?

But you know what, as those small but great times happened, something else was simultaneously going on. My thoughts led me to the moments I took for granted - moments with the person I love, times with my family, and basically all the other events that involved people; involved a bit of sunshine outside my own reverie.

I wouldn't come to those epiphanies without a few hours of time-out away from everything else.

Yes, I still enjoy moments of alone. I still want to spend some time working on myself, for me, and not for anyone else. But it is also in those times I realized how colorful life really is with the people who paint every single fragment of time in it.


Disclaimer: I wrote this post in the course of three days. I started with it on March 21, 2017. It's March 24 (dawn) now as I type this. The past days weren't kind in quite a lot of aspects and here's where solitude comes in. Sometimes, we need solitude to reassess everything in our lives and put everything back in order. 

How do you spend your time for yourself?

Keep writing,


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