Forgotten Dreams and Getting Back On Track

(I wanna start this post by giving credit to Czari Dycaico who did this beautiful cover)

I'm about to close the month of February with this long overdue blog post about my novelette which got digitally published back in 2015. It's already 2017 and it's still itching to be out there on print which, at some point this year, I'm hoping to accomplish. Right now, I'm rereading the old published version and checking out which parts to keep, which ones to improve on, and which ones to completely exclude. Not to mention, this needs to have a new title now that another novel has been published, called "The Girl Between Two Worlds." 

Brief information and background

So... why is it, up to this point, called Between Two Worlds?

It's about Sam who crossed paths with a rumored poltergeist, Lucian Malliarch. Their unexpected encounter got Sam caught up in an unexpected mission which only she can fulfill.

(This lovely illustration by Viai is, by far, my favorite Lucian Malliarch portrait)

Between Two Worlds' original title for NaNoWriMo 2013 was Samantha's Diary and it was written in, well, a diary form from Sam's POV. Eventually, it didn't work out too well because it was limiting the progress of the story. That, or I can't seem to work my way around it. Fast forward to the JustWritePH workshop back in 2015, the piece was still itching to be written. 

This is a screenshot of the original first draft at 54 pages and 26,369 words. Though I was happy with the outcome, something didn't feel right. I created the first draft to meet deadlines and to feel achieved that I finally have it out there for others to read and see.

Lucian wasn't too happy, though. Some of the "meat" of the story were cut out just to meet the deadlines set by the workshop. 

And that's why, this year (2017), I'm still working on this 4-year-old idea that's still itching to be properly written; the idea that simply started with the question, "what if a bad spirit was just misunderstood?" 

Novel progress tracker

As part of my journaling process, I've created a novel progress tracker on my Alunsina Big Kislap where I have a monthly review and a combination of weekly and daily spreads.

Due to life and health reasons, I haven't updated this at all and I failed to achieve my February goals, but I'm still very much determined to accomplish more this March and in the coming months. 

Anyone else writing their own stories and / or novels? Let me know about them!

Keep writing,


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