Dreamcatcher Workshop by KimCreates at Monte Cafe

Other than learning how to make dreamcatchers, this workshop gave way to discover a nice coffee shop in Antipolo City called Monte Cafe. I'll get to that later. For now, let's talk about the workshop by Krizzia Sapinit a.k.a. Kimcreates!

I didn't take photos of the step-by-step process because creating a dreamcatcher required both of your hands to work and I wanted to enjoy the process, too. To be honest, I thought creating one would be so hard and tedious but Krizza taught us how to create our own dreamcatchers in just 3 easy steps! It takes some practice to perfect the weaving though, but it was pretty fun. If you guys encounter dreamcatcher-related posts eventually, this workshop made me do it.

As usual, I had Molly and Melon with me that time and here they are, posing with the box of materials and the drink that came along with the workshop fee. Speaking of drinks, YOU GUYS HAVE TO TRY THEIR WHTIE CHOCOLATE MOCHA. I swear, that drink was enough to make me dwell in Monte Cafe.

Well, I didn't have a photo of the actual finished product but here I am (on the right) with Krizzia while holding our dreamcatchers. There's the professionally made one and the baby steps one. It's crazy how my other workshop-mates created dreamcatchers that were so beautiful in such a way that I wouldn't even believe it's their first time, but I'm pretty much happy with my own work. I repeated the process around 3-4 times just to get things as neat as possible, but... well, let's just say I've got lots to improve on. That's fine, though! I had a blast throughout the activity and it would definitely not be my last time to make one of these.

The workshop was held at Monte Cafe in Antipolo. Coming from Taytay spending most of my time in Makati, I rarely venture to the nearby places from our house but I'm glad this workshop gave me the chance to discover this lovely coffee shop in Citywalk Building.

I'm pretty sure I'd end up spending lots of free weekends here, working on my art and my writing. Other than falling in love with their White Chocolate Mocha, the interiors and the overall ambiance of the place is conducive for the creative juices to flow. Oh, perhaps one more thing that would make me come back is that THEY HAVE MOZZARELLA STICKS. Bless coffee shops and food establishments in general which serve mozzarella sticks.

By the way, they have calligraphy and watercolor workshop coming soon! Have a look at their Facebook page for updates. :)

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