This is Why I Loved Our Team-building at The Oriental Bataan (Photos and Tips Inside!)

Team building at The Oriental Bataan

2016 was a challenging year for my team at work. We've had lots of ups and downs, we've reached the brink of breakdowns more than a couple of times, but we rose above it all to continue doing what we do. We ended the year with a fun team-building out-of-town trip and we had it at The Oriental Bataan. I'm sure the entire trip was full of great moments not only because of the people, but because of the place as well!

the oriental bataan

I visited The Oriental Bataan the first time towards the end of 2015. At the time, most of its facilities were still under construction so we only got to enjoy the pool, the restaurants, and the room. Around the first quarter of 2016, the hotel opened up more facilities including the outdoor spa and the team-building area.

The team-building program starts off with an exercise of the mind. If you're familiar with those brain twister things you can find at National Bookstore, well, it's something like that -- only bigger and heavier to move around. The goal is to finish as fast as you can.

Other than that, the rest of the activities are mostly physical. I won't elaborate much on that, so here are is a series of photos for your reference:

It's basically a series of strenuous activities that require, most of all, patience and collaboration.. What I appreciate the most is that the staff of The Oriental Bataan are always on-standby just in case anyone needs immediate attention or assistance. Also, they provide water for everyone as well as the right safety gear. Rest assured they've got you covered!

So what made me love our team-building even more? The wind down after the entire activity, of course! The hotel is an absolute stunner. It's beautiful. It's like traveling across Asia right inside the property.

See? I mean, imagine dining here! It gives off a relaxing vibe, doesn't it? That's where we had our dinner after the team-building so imagine how calming it was, after an entire afternoon of moving around.

So, here you have our team at work during the dinner. The food's pretty okay, too! Living up to its name, The Oriental Bataan serves a bunch of yummy Asian cuisines. I'm not sure if they serve it in their buffets or it's only available ala carte, but please don't miss out on their Pad Thai. It's so good. 

Here you have the pool. It's not one of its best angles so for better photos, it's good to refer to the Facebook page or the website. It can get a bit cold to swim at night but regardless of the time you opt to swim, it's always refreshing to take a dip in the pool. I've always found the poolside at The Oriental Bataan very relaxing. It's a nice place to hang around and have snacks, too!

And by the way, they also have these! It's so perfect here at night while enjoying the cool breeze and gazing at the stars. I think, even beyond team-building activities, staying in at The Oriental Bataan will surely be quite an experience. Though it doesn't have a beach, the overall look and feel of the hotel will suffice. Not to mention, the staff who makes everything possible are super accommodating and warm. They make the hotel experience extra awesome.

Planning to have your team-building at The Oriental Bataan? Here are a few tips:

  • Head to the hotel early so that you can rest after the long drive and you can maximize the entire team-building program. They wouldn't advice to continue the program if it's already too late in the afternoon to prevent unnecessary injuries.
  • Wear shoes that you wouldn't mind getting dirty and shoes that you can run with. Make sure it fits you really well so that you can sprint and run around comfortably.
  • Stretch up a bit. We wouldn't want cramps early on in the activity, would we? 
  • Be ready for some physical activities. It can get tiring especially if you're super competitive, but don't worry, it's a lot of fun!
The Oriental Bataan is located in Mariveles, Bataan. For more information, you may check out these details:


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