Journal and Art: Volume 1

Part of my #PauPursuesPassion journey this 2017 is rekindling my old love for journaling and art. Back in high school, I doodled on my planner a lot. I used to write song lyrics using markers and jot down a bunch of memorable quotes that made me life or made some impact on me. My friends often told me I had so much patience for it, back then when it wasn't much of a thing just yet. Unfortunately, reality got in the way for so many years; both my college years and first working year. I got eaten up by harsh realities of life which made me forget about the passions that used to make up who I am.

I'm using my Alunsina Big Kislap for my journaling. I've been exploring its wonders as I go along and as of the moment, here are my findings:

  • Its paper quality is so good. I'm using a 0.5 uni pin fine line pen to write on it and Koi brush markers to do some doodles, yet it doesn't bleed out too much on the other page.
  • I've also tried a bit of watercolor on it. Guess what. It works! Just don't use too much water on it and do small illustrations only, to prevent smudging.
I've been quite a perfectionist on this journal. I used to want to do a bullet journal approach but doing an art journal is quite fun! 

I also spice up my journal with photos! Towards the end of 2016, I impulsively bought a photo printer which, at the time, I thought wasn't that worth it. 

I was wrong. 

Now, every time I print out a photo, I stop the urge to print lots of stuff. Sometimes, some moments are just too great to just write about. I want to remember them forever and in the modern age of simply uploading photos, it's nice to have print-outs for keepsakes. 

Also, I've been trying out watercolor. The last time I did watercolor was waaaaay back in grade school and I used to work with those kiddie version ones. What I'm trying my hands on now is illustrating and watercoloring food. As you can see, I've got a long way to go but that's the point, right? Pursuing passions one baby step at a time!

How are you pursuing passions this year? :)

Keep writing,


Let me know what you think about this!