An Introduction To This Writer Blog

Towards the end of 2016, a writer almost died. 

Don't worry, she's still alive and well. Physically, at least. You see, the near death experience of 2016 was not of her body. It was of her mind; her passion to write, her calling for storytelling, and her true love for the written word, all of them came crashing down. 

That girl is me.

And this is where I get back up.

2016 was full of career opportunities. Time and time again, I had the opportunities to prove myself at work. I had the opportunities to grow beyond simply being a web copywriter. I've gotten the chance to apply my college course at work and beyond my responsibilities in my full-time job, I've also gotten the opportunity to become one of the admin team of the Philippines' top online magazine. Everything was going so well career-wise and for a short while, I felt happy.

Because why not, right?

You see, the thing is, it came to a point where there's no satisfaction anymore. I've lost the spark, I've lost the true meaning in what I do, and I ended up doing things out of routine. I wrote for deadlines, I wrote for quotas, I wrote because I had to; all of them, for things I found no meaning in. Because of that, the true writer in me died. My old blog crashed away, my novel remained unfinished, and I found myself unable to write for what I love because I've exhausted everything somewhere else -- somewhere where my heart isn't. 

My heart ached for the way I used to write. My heart ached for the stories that remained untold, for the blog that could've been something, for all the words unsaid simply because some others had to be said first. 

Now, I've gotten myself back and I won't let that happen again.

2017 is a bit late to start a blog now that nearly everyone's doing it. Blogging had been redefined over the course of the past few years but I want to stick to what blogging is really all about: sharing. 

So... tada! Here's the blog! This'll be my online platform as I once again pursue my passion and rekindle my true love for writing. 

Taken from my "About Pau and The Blog" page, I made this blog because:

I wanted to inspire. I wanted to show other writers out there that giving up on the craft is not and should never be an option. As I said, somewhere along the way, I've lost my true sense of writing as I continued to write simply for the sake of my job and extra income. I'm sure the writers who have pursued a career in writing felt this, in one way or another. Hopefully, through this blog, you guys would be inspired to pursue your passion, too. Let us all continue to hold on to our true sense of writing. 

Well, that's about it! 

Keep writing!



  1. I think I already am. Thank you, and I love what I'm reading now. ^_^


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