A Message From the Writer: Volume 1

Back in high school, I loved creating stories. I think the first one I've ever written was this piece about a new girl in school who was always bullied and the typical delinquent eventually fell in love with her and protected her. Cliche, huh? At the time, I was very much proud of it. 

Eventually, I ventured to more complicated plots like a fallen demon prince who turned into a viscous monster and wandered into a human village where he met a little boy. On that piece, I played around with the characters a lot. They were fun. 
Then again, it wasn't always like that. After about a year of enjoying making stories, the writer in me slowly died and turned to nothing. New hobbies were soon ventured on (acting, photography, music) which made me forget that I once loved sharing my imagination through written words.
Fast forward to my second year of college, I had a Creative Writing class. Here, we were taught about the basics of writing poems, short stories, and other creative ways to use write. I remember not paying much attention to the lessons because, then, it was just another subject I had to pass; nothing more, nothing less. I didn't have to take it to heart because they just seemed to be random information I simply have to memorize for exams.

So what's that photo above?

It's a photo of one my submissions for my Creative Writing class (I don't remember what this piece was) and that red writing over there is a short message from my professor, Ms. Maricor De Villa. 

"Your style is catchy & you have a way with words -- don't give up your writing!"

Don't give up your writing, she said.

Don't give up your writing.

Such simple words contained so much power in them and in that moment after reading it, I got teary-eyed. There I was, a student who didn't apply the technical stuff of our lessons, who simply wrote the way I want to, and then there was that comment.

It was then that I realized I had it in me. I had it in me to do great things with my writing.

Slowly, I built everything back up. I started writing again. It was tough breaking back in at first but soon, the skill kicked in like it had always been there, just waiting to be revived.

What did that simple message do?

It turned me to a senior writer of When in Manila, a locally renowned website.
It allowed me to create stories again and had my first book published online back in 2015.
It gave me the necessary credentials to be a web copywriter.

So, to the writers who are reading this right now (if you've reached this point, after all my personal blabbers!), don't give up your writing. The realities of the world may dim your shine but don't let it kill your words.

As V (for Vendetta) said, "an idea can change the world." On those times you feel like you're not good enough, keep in mind that as long as you have an idea, there's something itching to be told out there.

This blog was actually made for that purpose. I don't want the true writer in me to die again. I don't ever want to lose the Pau whose ultimate passion is for writing.

To you, dear writer, keep on keeping on! Continue your writing journey. I guarantee it will take you places. :)

Keep writing,


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