My Art Journey Tools for 2017

This 2017, aside for writing for myself again, I've also rekindled an old love for documenting memorable things. I'll be making this up as I go along but for now, I'll give a short run-down of the items on the photo.

I've always aspired to be a visually artistic person but unfortunately, it never loved me back. Perhaps I should learn a new skill this year but anyway, with the limits of simply writing down words, I'll be enhancing my journal with photos and a bunch of other stuff that may remind me of special moments.

With that, I have these gears!

1. Canon EOS M3

This camera's my best friend. I've been using it for all my travels and special events and aside from its great quality, I love how you can easily transfer photos from the camera to your smartphone. There are many alternatives for this but since I grew up using Canon, the EOS M3 is a non-debatable choice for me. 

Sample unfiltered shots:

2. Alunsina Handbound Big Kislap Travel Notebook (with 5 fillers)

This notebook is one of the best I've ever had. By default, the Big Kislap has 3 fillers but you can have it customized to have 4-5. Mine has 5 with 3 blank journals, 1 dotted grid, and 1 lined. I use two blank journals for the memory-collecting, one for my novel notes, the dotted grid for a variety of things including checklists and charts, and the lined journal for blog notes.

*please note that each filler is quite thick. It can stand alone as a notebook.

Here's a glimpse of the Alunsina Big Kislap:

So, this is my Big Kislap journal with all 5 fillers clipped inside. It's pretty thick because, as I said, I thought the fillers would be like the typical ones but as you can see, they're not fillers at all. They can already stand alone as notebooks.

On a usual basis, I only have 3 fillers clipped inside; One blank, the dotted grid one, and my blog notes. The photo above shows how it looks like with it usual 3 fillers. This one is Big Kislap's default order but, just like what I have, you can have it specially made to have 4-5 fillers at an additional cost. (Check out Alunsina's Facebook page)

Lastly, you can have the journal personalized with embedded letters! I didn't want to have so much on mine, so I simply had the letter "P" embedded on the cover.

Hooray for journaling! I'm loving the paper because it's pretty neat for art stuff. I'm excited to fill this out with more memories. Yay!

3. Alunsina Handbound small black leather journal 

Other than memory-collecting, I have another smaller journal also by Alunsina. I have it in my bag everywhere I go and it's more like a personal diary. It keeps me sane.

4. Starbucks 2017 Planner (Coffee Stain)

Nothing special about this, but I'm mostly using my Starbucks planner for work and other important reminders. It's mostly my go-to for important tasks and deadlines, and for trying my best to make the most out of my day. Also, it's my first time using a Starbucks planner. Ever. It's all thanks to my Starbucks-loving boyfriend who helped me collect the stickers. 

5. "Twitter" Notebook (the owl notebook)

I've been using what I call the "Twitter Notebook" since high school and that was around 7 years ago! It's actually very therapeutic for me because there are some things I wouldn't want to put out on my Twitter account but I want to put out, still. I think this one helps in reducing my anxiety and prevents me from getting too mad. Lol. 

6. Pringo Photo Printer

THIS IS A PERSONAL FAVORITE. Gosh, printing photos is starting to get addicting! I love how this printer enables me to have my photos "in the flesh" which I use for my journal as well as simply keeping them. I personally prefer this over the Instax Share because the device is more inexpensive and the photo paper is cheaper, too. It only costs PHP 599 for 30 sheets and PHP 899 for 50 sheets.

Here's a sample of the photo print-outs that are already on my Big Kislap journal. It took so much willpower to not print out too many photos. 

7. Travelling Bunnies 

These babies are Melon and Molly. They're my bunny bag charms and they tag along with me everywhere, even in the most mundane locations like the office or the mall. They have this Instagram account (@melonmollyhops) so please follow us in our adventures!


So basically, that's about it! I'm excited for what 2017 has in store for us. May we all continue pursuing our passions! 

Keep writing,


  1. Hi Pau, thanks for visiting my blog! :) May I know where you got your mobile printer and for how much? It does look perfect for journaling.

    1. Hi! I got my Pringo Printer from Toys R Us Rockwell (but they have it in all Toys R Us branches!) and I got it for PHP 6,500 inclusive of 10 sheets. :) You can find it online, too. Tried and tested, it's AWESOME. Definitely perfect for journaling. <3


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